Our approach

The team of Advance Engineering unites professionals with many years of experience in applying technologies and solutions in the field of computer modeling, engineering data management, engineering solutions, development and implementation of engineering software and calculations, and training of specialists.

Integrated Problem Solving

Advance Engineering offers its customers integrated services in the following areas:

  • Supply and integration of software in the enterprise design cycle;

  • Creation of automated calculation methods for designers;

  • Creation and implementation of complex calculation methods;

  • Carrying out complex engineering calculations in the following areas: dynamics of liquids and gases, mechanics of a deformable solid, associated with multidisciplinary tasks, topological and parametric optimization.

Enterprise Integration

Around the world in engineering, there is a transition to digital design technology, so the use of computing can significantly reduce development costs.

Digital design technology involves the use of circuits to calculate serial multidisciplinary calculations: strength, hydrodynamics and heat transfer. When using such calculations, various problems of data exchange between applications, traceability of results, storage and management of engineering calculation data cannot be found.

The above problems are successfully solved by the specialists of Advance Engineering during the integration work at enterprises. We carry out a range of works on the integration of settlement departments of enterprises in the PLM system, the reorganization of calculation works, the introduction of specialized software for the automation of calculations and optimization.

Customer support

The specialists of Advance Engineering provide initial customer support as part of integrated software supply, including advice on setting up and installing software, initial training of specialists, assisting in setting and solving problems, examining software errors and contacting developers to remove them.

As part of consulting projects, our developers create specialized interfaces (visors) that automate the processing of results. The software package in this case includes the user documentation in the required amount. Additionally, for the convenience of users, video instruction can be created.

Specialist counseling

In the framework of customer support, Advance Engineering advises users, provides various examples and reference materials, both from software developers and from developers of our specialists, organizes and conducts consultations of specialists on the territory of customers.

We offer training options at various levels:

  • initial;

  • advanced;

  • special, considering the wishes of the customer.

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